Five Reasons Why I Don’t Do the Grammys

“And lo, all across the land there was a great ourcry, with wailing and gnashing of teeth and shaking of fist, for in the west it was the time of the gramophone, and the people, while they were vexed at what they saw, could not help but watch.“ Once again we find ourselves in the [...]

The 21 Best Albums of the 21st Century

When the last decade ended, all of my friends fired up their iPods and word processors to turn in their lists of the 21 best albums of the 21st Century. I wanted to do this too, so I fired up the Quantum Computer to do a peek ahead and determine what 21 albums truly [...]

“And lo, Satan entered unto a land of the south”

Here’s a little bit of lunacy that I wrote for the journal of my account. I thought it was neglected and decided to give it a run here. Enjoy! The Book of Daniels, Chapter 13 1. And lo, it came to pass that people called on the Lord. 2. And because of those souls [...]

A Nice Father and Son Thing to Do (Wife Included)

Tuesday evening I did something unusual – I was the opening act for my son. Sort of. Since my son has been in town to attend a series of weddings, my wife got the idea that we should all go to Muggswigz for Open Mike night. Natrually, this would entail his playing some songs off [...]

Smoooooooooth Jazz

When I was in college, one of my crowd was an aspiring jazz guitarist of considerable talent. And one of his guitar heroes was Joe Pass. Okay, I’m a few decades in coming around to my friend’s way of thinking, but here’s a video that shows why Pass is so revered. The fact that he’s [...]

Stage Persona Non Grata, or, Can I Find the Real Me?

One of my duties, so to speak, with Random Acts of Music is The Henry and Joe, a talk show starring Henry J and myself, done for his internet radio station, Random Acts of Radio. In this show, we roll tape (well, actually, spin hard drive) and talk off the top of our heads for [...]

Just When You Thought There Was Nothing New, You Get Surprised

Today’s category is music videos. My wife tries to watch the VH-1 Countdown on Sunday mornings before we head for church so she can keep up with what is happening in the music world. Part of that is her profession – she teaches at a local college, and wants to know what her students are [...]

For Guitarists Only?

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. I’d discuss why, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that I’m one of those folks who can’t live without the dots… There Are No Dots!


I’ve been feeling inspired lately, and I’m not quite sure why. A number of things have caught my creative attention, and as soon as some time opens up (in September), I’m going to start tinkering. So what, you might ask, am I inspired to do? 1) This web site, version 8.0. When I chose to [...]

Taking it Seriously, Finally

Okay, I said I was going to take my music more seriously in 2007. It has just taken me eight months or so to start thinking along those lines. In the last month or so, I opened up an account at GarageBand. And I actually posted a song there, a rough demo of Salad Days [...]


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