Handwriting is on the Wall

I have just heard the news that cursive writing will no longer be taught in Ohio schools, making it the third state to abandon the skill (behind Indiana and Hawaii). The keyboard is king now, the thinking goes, making unnecessary a discipline that teaches manual dexterity at the fine motor level. In these modern times [...]

Harry Potter to Enter 21st Century?

I don’t know how long she’s been saying “No”, but J.K. Rowling has gotten a reputation for being something of a luddite when it comes to her novels about a certain boy with a scar on his forehead. Words like “never” were batted about when it came to asking when her Harry Potter series would [...]

Tiger Woods and the Hugh Grant Maneuver

Here’s a little something I wrote for the blog where I work. I was so pleased with the result that I decided to share it with all of you lucky folks, too. H/T to Dan Sonnier for most of the jokes and the link to the CG. Just in time for Christmas, America is enjoying [...]

Was That The Way He Was?

The Drudge Report is now linking to a news story about a former employee of post-retirement Walter Cronkite who is currently shopping around a posthumous “nasty tell-all book” about America’s most beloved newsman. Supposedly, the tome paints a picture of a Cronkite much different than the one we had come see as “the most trusted [...]


Barack Obama is promising to bring change if elected. Now you can experience Obama’s brand of change first-hand, before you vote, to see if you like his policies. All you need is a Monopoly game. It might not be easy or fun – but it will give you a real taste of things to come! [...]

Long Time Comin’

After a long, illustrious career that included successfully dodging charges of cable TV theft, road rage, and hacking his ex-wife and a visitor to death with a piece of cutlery, O.J. Simpson no doubt had grown to believe that he was above the law. No doubt that’s why he thought he could get away with [...]

Election 2008: By the Numbers

Prompted by my son, I have put up a John McCain yard sign on my Facebook page. I think I would have preferred one that said We’re Screwed ’08, because neither presumptive candidate really has me fired up. For the record, I haven’t been really excited about a Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan, but we [...]

Nukes In The News

– Item #1 – I don’t know why, but a question I’ve been asked a lot lately is, “Joe! If you were the President, what would you do about Iran’s threat to build a nuclear arsenal?” Like I could do anything about it. I don’t know. There must have been something out there in the [...]

May Miscellania

There are so many things going on that warranted updates that I simply didn’t write about – as opposed to the salad days of this blog when each one would have warranted its own separate and lengthy essay. Anyway, here’s what’s been happening in the land of the Faust. Charlton Heston, R.I.P I’m supposing that [...]

Fear of Lemons and Other Tales of Unnecessary Risk Avoidance

First, watch this video, if you dare: Now here’s my take: This is all very interesting… but I’m not going to stop with the lemon slices because frankly, if this is true, my body could use the disease causing bacteria. Seriously. The immune systems of astronauts crash after so many days in space. It’s because [...]


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