A Nice Father and Son Thing to Do (Wife Included)

Tuesday evening I did something unusual – I was the opening act for my son. Sort of. Since my son has been in town to attend a series of weddings, my wife got the idea that we should all go to Muggswigz for Open Mike night. Natrually, this would entail his playing some songs off [...]

Stage Persona Non Grata, or, Can I Find the Real Me?

One of my duties, so to speak, with Random Acts of Music is The Henry and Joe, a talk show starring Henry J and myself, done for his internet radio station, Random Acts of Radio. In this show, we roll tape (well, actually, spin hard drive) and talk off the top of our heads for [...]


No, I haven’t exactly been busy. With the holidays coming, the calendar has filled up quickly with the usual suspects, and some that were more unusual. And some of the more unusual things were three recent gigs I had, all playing but not necessarily paying. They looked something like this… Gig #1: The Ladies’ Retreat. [...]

I’m Ready For My Close-Up, Mr. DeMille Konczak

I guess you could say this is my latest acting gig. The cable show I moonlight with needed a promo to run on some of the other cable stations, and this is what Henry J and I came up with. Since Henry J is the host, it fell to me to play the part of [...]

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Because of my recent increasing involvement with Random Acts of Music (I’ve been made the director, or another producer, or head writer, or whatever other hat I end up wearing – it’s a small crew), I relented and now have an account on MySpace.. I have absolutely no affection for it, but it allows me [...]

What’s Been Happening

Okay, it only took me eight weeks to get back here. Not bad, I guess, considering that I really thought hard about not coming back at all. But in the end, I think I really can’t help myself. I really can’t stop. (“No. Really. I can quit anytime“) Anyway, in the time since I pulled [...]

This Is What It Is

So far on this Break From Most Everything, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what to do this year, writing-wise, and all I’ve come up with is something that was starting to nag me as 2006 waned to a close. In fact, it was nagging me so much that I almost made it [...]

The Suck Filter

I had occasion to have lunch with one of my favorite madmen yesterday, Henry J. We’d both been busy of late and had fallen off of each other’s radar, he with a video shoot in Tampa and me with being busy at work and procrastinating away my writing career at home. So amid wings and [...]

Life Happens…

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans -John Lennon You know, sometimes it’s just not worth trying to make any kind of plans at all. As I recall, somewhere back in the dim and distant past (well, for this blog anyway), I thought I’d have And/News done by around, um, [...]


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