Thinking About Thinking

I’ve had a chance to do a lot of thinking lately. Okay, technically we think all of the time. I mean creative thinking. After being a bad master for a number of years, I’ve started to walk the dog for a half an hour or so on most days, and having nothing to clutter my [...]

Curious Affectation

Okay, somebody explain why in the heck I do this. It’s something I’ve been conscious of for years, and it never seemed to bother me until a week or so ago. That’s when I got an email that inspired this recent post. At one point, the correspondent said, I go out and buy notebooks and [...]

Almost White

Life has been happening, as usual. This getting to write one or two days a week just isn’t going to cut it. I need to hurry up and become a bestselling author so I have time to write. Is that a Catch-22 or what? I have been busy on the creative front. I’ve been working [...]

The Process, Part II

Before going on to chronicle the editing process, I want to mention that, to someone who reads this blog, it would appear that like Mark Twain, I write in spurts. This is not quite the case. Twain would abandon manuscripts for months before coming back to them. I might leave something for days or weeks, [...]

The Process, Part I

I have received a request to describe in detail the process I use to write one of my novels. While that’s supposed to be the function of this blog, I now realize that, while I’ve discussed different aspects of it here and on other parts of this site, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down [...]

Carousel Revisited

I realized on the commute to work today that I have an opportunity to start something that was one of the intents of this journal – namely, to track an idea from its origin to the finished product. Since starting the Foundry a year ago, I have documented the comings and goings of ideas – [...]

The Mystery of the Note On My Palm

On my Palm I have a utility called Bug Me. It acts as a virtual sticky note to which I can attach alarms to remind me of short-term things that don’t need to be put on the main calendar. I also use Bug Me as a note pad in odd moments when I need to [...]

Some Orts

-i- I have yet another morning postmortem report. Not only did this one hit me while brushing my teeth… it came back with friends while I was driving to work this morning (these two, when combined with showering, are my top three idea moments outside of actual writing). It all goes back to the fact [...]


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