“Big Trouble” (A 100 Word Short Story)

Preface: Don’t get too excited. I don’t know if this will become a permanent feature again or not. All I know is that when I pasted all my earlier 100-word stories together for this page, I realized that for the most part I really enjoyed writing them. And you have no idea how hard it [...]

Micro Monday: “Pareidolia (The Second Commandment)”

Rather than let the Hubble fall in flames over Australia, they strapped it to a booster and shot it out of the solar system, a territory explored only by Voyager. Twelve years later, it pointed into a part of the universe discovered by its successor – a dark patch dubbed The Place Where The Lord [...]

Micro Monday: “The First Commandment (A Christmas Story)”

He was reaching for the first stocking when he heard the call. “Kris!” Then he saw him, radiant, glowing, carrying a sword with a blade made of blue-white light. “Michael! What brings you here?” “It’s all over. You’ve become more important than The Boss.” “No! I never meant that to happen! You know that.” Michael [...]

Micro Monday: “The Second Commandment”

Sounds he’d never heard before were coming out of their mouths. It was chaos. Worse yet, they were all leaving, architects, slaves, and hod carriers alike, all dispersing, not by profession, but in a seemingly random manner. Even his number two man started spouting nonsense and eventually wandered off with a water bearer, both jabbering [...]

Micro Monday: “The Fifth Commandment”

“So how did you find me?” “I got your address through the Bureau of Missing Fathers.” “And what happens now that you’ve found me?” She found a clear spot on the table and put down her bag, glad to be free of the weight inside. “By all rights, I can kill you.” He nodded. “The [...]

Micro Monday: “The Third Commandment”

The last thing he remembered was Cleveland. Or Pittsburgh. Now this room, all white, and a single chair he sat in until the door opened. And then, “I want to show you something,” and a screen. Video of scientists looking at computers. “What’s all this?” “It’s North Korea. They’re marrying their nuclear capability with their [...]

Micro Monday: “The Sixth Commandment”

The chief asked what the story was. I looked around the crime scene. “An intruder. The mother walked in to check on her son and saw someone standing over the crib, holding a pillow to the kid’s face. She screamed and the guy ran out.” “She get a description this time?” “The same funny clothes. [...]

Micro Monday: “The Ninth Commandment”

The woman ranted as she watched her car hemorrhage green radiator fluid onto the asphalt. “My husband is not going to be happy. Not happy at all.” “She ran the light?” the officer asked me. “Yeah.” “She get that shiner in the accident?” I looked at her as she raved. The color around her eye [...]

Micro Monday: “The Seventh Commandment”

“Did you tell her about us?” “No.” “Why not? You promised!” “I know. But something came up.” “Look, I swore I wouldn’t go through this–” “Calm down. It’s not what you think.” “What, is she saying she’s pregnant now? I’m tired of your excuses.” “She’s not pregnant.” “Then why didn’t you tell her?” “I didn’t [...]

Micro Monday: “Eight Minutes and Thirty Seconds”

He told himself that he would wait until the last minute before calling. Unfortunately, he hadn’t counted on the time it took for the lack of light to reach the satellite watching from inside the orbit of Mercury. The time it took for the satellite to send the message. The fact that this message moved [...]


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