Dream Watch: There’s A Pattern Forming Here…

Following an obnoxious kid around a shopping mall, trying to get permission from him so Randy Newman could write a song about him. And Newman was following me around to make sure I got the job done. Why didn’t he just do it himself? Or more to the point, since when does Randy Newman (or [...]

Dream Watch: In A Rush

Last night’s assignment found me teaching a class about Rush – the band, not the Limbaugh. I had in my head how I was going to teach it, but was unsure of my qualifications since all I have are a couple of hits compilations. Turns out it didn’t matter. The class was held in the [...]

Dream Log #2: Look That Up in Your Funk and Wagnall’s #2

I must be subconsciously thinking a lot about words of late, because I literally dreamed up another one: fictoscopy. fict-AW-skopee or FIC-o-SKOP-ee, noun. A medical procedure featured in a novel, film or on TV that does not exist in real life. Usage: The heroine is diagnosed with Ali MacGraw’s Disease, and her only chance of [...]

Dream Log #1: Look That Up in Your Funk and Wagnalls

So I’m currently reading Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How the Sex-Drugs-And Rock ‘N Roll Generation Saved Hollywood, which recounts the adventures of the likes of Coppola, Spielberg, Lucas, Altman, DePalma, Polanski, and a host of others, and how they changed Hollywood – first by making “films” instead of movies, and then, in the case of [...]

Gorefest, or, How Green Was My Answer

I’m posting this at the left-handed behest of a friend of mine. It’s a dream I had, but it was no doubt triggered by a dream he had about me, in which I was married to Nicole Kidman1. He told me that Ms. Kidman was much nicer than he expected, and I told him of [...]

You Don’t Want to Be Inside My Head, It’s Dark and Full of Spiders

Twenty-nine pages into putting the changes into the second draft of A Father Christmas sees the length down by two pages thus far. As I got into it and saw how the cuts were affecting the length, I was hoping the manuscript would be shortened by 1 page for every 10, which would cut the [...]

Dreams and Nightmares

An Elder’s meeting spend going over the blueprints for our new building kept me away from the keyboard last night, but hey – that was part of the deal when I signed on with God. So no writing to report, but instead something interesting. Be warned, though – the content that follows has a high [...]

Speaking of Dreams…

My wife was up before I was this morning and heard me laughing in my sleep. So she woke me up and asked me what was so funny. It was this: I was dreaming that I was looking at shovels in a hardware store, and the brand name of one of them was “Manure Queen.” [...]

All I Have To Do is Dream

How many of you creatives out there find inspiration in, or get your ideas from dreams? Robert Louis Stevenson wrote The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde after a disturbing dream (and the first draft was so disturbing that his wife made him destroy it); ditto Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Kubla Khan. Ditto again [...]

Last Night I Dreamed…

…that I was working on And/News and that I had pages and pages and pages of manuscript to deal with. Probably my subconscious filtering what lies in a future for a manuscript that’ll likely run well over 700 pages. I can’t remember any specifics about what I was working on in the dream, but interestingly [...]


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