The Plan (for now)

Yeah, that was the right decision. You could probably tell I’d been poking along lately when dealing with the book, struggling to find some impetus to bat out what appears to be the last third of And/News. Now I realize that the motivation at that point was the new book behind it, shoving its way [...]

Jamais Vu

Well, the answer finally hit me on the drive to work this morning. I think I know which novel will be my next, following the completion of And/News. In June of 1992 I took a job at a Place Which Must Not Be Named. It meant a 45-minute commute one way, and I thought that [...]

Trouble Spots

Heading into two weeks before opening night, the rehearsals become more intense. I didn’t even take the computer tonight because I wanted to use any spare time to make sure I knew my lines. Tomorrow night is a “trouble spots” rehearsal. Sounds like lots of musical numbers I’m not in are involved, so the iBook [...]


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