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Apologies to subscribers and those out there taking in this site via RSS feed. A couple of days ago, I noticed a glitch on a rather large number of posts and decided to fix a few… forgetting that whenever I updated them, they would show up anew on RSS. A good thing I didn’t fix [...]

And Here’s Another Sign That I’m Approaching Geezerhood

After spending 48 years of my life hating it, I now actually like oatmeal.

This is How it All Starts

Okay, so I’m at the fair last week, and somewhere along the line, either in the Men’s room or one of the Port-O-Lets, I notice the writing on the dispenser of hand sanitizer that now appears everywhere. It says, kills 99.99% of all household germs!. And I’m thinking, yeah, but it’s that other .01% you [...]

A Visit from the Karma Police

I don’t believe in Karma. As a Christian, I think the whole good deeds/bad deeds thing works in an entirely different way. But sometimes I have to wonder about the ironies that life hands you, and, well… the word Karma has worked its way into our culture, and it sure comes in handy at times [...]

So Who Am I, Anyway?

It’s a strange thing to find out that something unexpected makes up who you are. I mean, there are some things that I take for granted that make up the bag of protoplasm that happens to be me – my relationship with God and my family, my job, my writing, my addiction to music, my [...]


Once upon a time, music came on black vinyl discs 12 inches across (okay, there were other sizes and other colors of vinyl, but stay with me here – I’m writing for atmosphere). This vinyl was fragile, more fragile than CD’s, and the very act of playing them wore them out because they had grooves [...]

The Plot-Fix Mini Clinic

Here are a couple of things I’ve wanted to write posts about. The problem is, I didn’t think I really had enough to say about them to justify doing it (I know, I know, since when has that ever stopped me before?). What I decided to do is combine them into one post, a couple [...]

More Answers to Disturbing Search Engine Queries

Three years and three days ago, I posted this entry about some of the odd search engine results I’d gotten in my first nine months of blogging. I never expected that I’d do it again… but on the other hand, there’s no underestimating the insatiable thirst of those out in WWWland for things that are [...]

Artistic Integrity (Rant #2)

Well, this about clenches it. I’m getting ready to shrug off any notions of writing commercial fiction and just write books for me, even if they end up in the metaphorical closet under the metaphorical bowling shoes. Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before. But I think I’m getting serious about it, because I feel [...]


A recurring theme over the last month – electricity. Had a problem with our hot water heater. Three weekends ago the hot water went away. Waited until Monday and had the local happy plumbers come and fix it. Two days later the hot water goes away again. The happy plumbers come back out and find [...]


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