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Writers Beware

There’s nothing like getting a bit of information just in the nick of time. A week or two ago I was approached by someone who said he was doing a book of interviews with Science Fiction writers, a state-of-the-genre and art-of-the-craft sort of thing. I thought about it, Googled the guy but didn’t look in [...]

Thank You

Yesterday morning I posted a bit of one-off humor. Nothing unusual. I’d done it before without much response. But some of the powers that be at somehow saw it and were apparently amused enough to put it into yesterday’s Freshly Pressed queue… and I wasn’t quite ready for what came next. Thousands of folks [...]

Are You Master of Your Domain Name? Are You Sure?

So there you are, sitting and doing your thing with your very own domain name.,, it doesn’t matter.  It’s yours, all yours.  And as you sit back getting ready to write your latest post, it is with smug self-assurance because you paid the powers-that-be at an Internet Domain Name Registrar, and all you [...]

Florida State of Mind

Let me preface this by saying that I never really had any desire to go to Florida. Muggy heat, retirees, expatriate Cubans, hanging chads. I had some friends who lived down there, but hadn’t talked to them in a couple of decades other than some passing emails. If there was a state in the union [...]

Stage Persona Non Grata, or, Can I Find the Real Me?

One of my duties, so to speak, with Random Acts of Music is The Henry and Joe, a talk show starring Henry J and myself, done for his internet radio station, Random Acts of Radio. In this show, we roll tape (well, actually, spin hard drive) and talk off the top of our heads for [...]

Search Engine Term of the Day (#2)

phone number used by adolf hitler

It’s Not Your Normal Legacy, But At Least It’s Not A Stained Blue Dress

I’m not one of these guys who worries about leaving a legacy behind. I haven’t thought about it much at all. Maybe it’s my Christian outlook – I know I’ll keep going on the other side. Maybe it’s because two permutations of my own genes are already walking around on the planet, so I know [...]

Search Engine Term of the Day (#1)


Getting Your Legs Kicked Out From Under You,or, It’s All President Clinton’s Fault

Here’s my current favorite joke of all time: This rabbit escapes from its laboratory cage and makes its way out the door, across the parking lot, through the fence, and over a hill, where it finds a sunny meadow filled with other rabbits. He goes over to the nearest rabbit and says, “Excuse me, I’ve [...]

Job Hazards

I keep threatening that when the planets align and I again become a full-time writer, I want to have an off-site office somewhere. It would be more convenient to have an office at home, true, but when people know you’re at home you end up moving a lot of pianos. A Dilbert cartoon on my [...]


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