I’ve been feeling inspired lately, and I’m not quite sure why. A number of things have caught my creative attention, and as soon as some time opens up (in September), I’m going to start tinkering.

So what, you might ask, am I inspired to do?

1) This web site, version 8.0. When I chose to stop White Moments/Word Foundry after post 1,000, I was in a sour frame of mind. So when I designed the version of the site you see now (firebrick red on white, for those of you in the future), I pretty much scrapped any reference to my novels. I’ve since decided that was stupid, especially since I’ve got a long way to go before I start trying to peddle my songs – and especially especially if I’m going to drop back into the novel writing racket at some point in the future. So I want to design a version of the site that puts things in a more balanced perspective.

2) The Terrible Misforture, coming soon to a Borders near you. Since I started blogging about writing this play for my chuch’s Vacation Bible School, I’ve started getting hits from people looking for a Pirate-themed VBS. That should have told me something. But for some reason, it took a year and a half for me to catch on: there’s a market, albeit a small one, for what I wrote. So I’m going to make it available through And I’m going to use a distribution system so you can order it through Lulu, or through Amazon, Borders, or another participating bookstore near you. I’ve got a plan to work out the tricky aspect of performance royalties, too.

3) Stan Ridgway live. A couple of weeks ago (and after twenty years of trying to catch up with him), I finally got to see Stan Ridgway in concert. While I was watching Mr. Ridgway spin his Chandleresqe tales of losers and loners, I suddenly realized that there was a market, albeit probably kind of small, for the songs I am writing.

It’s got me so intrigued that I’m having my wife give me singing lessons (I posted a song on GarageBand and the reviews pretty much universally said my voice needed work, in varying degrees of kindness), and I’m changing the way I’m playing a lot of my songs and am slowly working to relearn them.

This probably happened because Ridgway is a huge influence on the way I write songs, second only, I suspect, to my background as a novelist and my tendency to want to tell stories. And that’s pretty much what Mr. R does with his songs.

Hmmm, I think the subtheme for this post is “Albeit small.” So be it.

Anyway, that’s where I am for the moment. Inspired. Albeit in a small way. But it’s enough to keep me busy for a while, if I remain inclined.


One response to “Inspired

  1. I am a long time fan, first time poster. I was personally inspired by one of your books back in high school, and I hope you bring back your novels to the site. I found a few on Amazon I am going to order. Is there a link from your site so you get a ‘finder’s fee’ or something of that nature?-Pizza man

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