The most important thing about me you ought to know about is my faith in God and belief in Jesus Christ. This faith is what helps me keep everything in perspective — and what helps me get through the ups and downs of life.

When I started this page, I thought I could write one pretty cool essay about my faith and let that speak for me. Little did I know that there was a lot more on the subject bottled up inside of me, waiting to get out. I realized this when my introductory paragraph took on the length that I had projected for the entire essay.

Realizing this was a subject for a whole separate page, I started off on what became a series of pages. Now that I’m blogging, I deal with Christian issues on a more regular basis, so there’s not really a need to continue to produce essays as I had been. But I decided to keep these pages up because they said some things that I felt were worth saying on the subject.

The Essays:

God Versus Science Fiction

Why Don’t I Write Christian Fiction?

Sex, Violence and @!!!#*

The Light Under The Bushel

Can I Write and Still Go To Heaven?

What I Believe

One Response

  1. I am a new blogger and sharing my faith through writing. I came across your site and enjoyed it. check out my site and blessings in sharing your faith with others!

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