It Really Wants to be Written

In fact, it’s begging me now.

The UFO Novel, that is.

While I was brushing my teeth this morning, one of the three main characters started talking to me.  I had to run downstairs and transcribe what he said into Scrivener’s notes section so I wouldn’t forget what he said.

Then he sat in the backseat of the car and talked to me for most of the commute in to work.  I took my pad and pen and tried to make notes as we went.

I really didn’t expect this.  I’m rolling now on getting the new VBS play written, and that’s going to take up most of my writing time through the month of May (along with some discretionary time as I direct it in June and July for an August premiere).  By summer my two editors should have had time to read over …and that’s the end of the news, and there’s be one more draft before sending it out into the cruel, callous world.

I wasn’t really thinking about The UFO Novel at all because I figured it’s kind of a different breed of book, and if I sell and/news, I should have another thriller ready to go, and was thinking in that direction.

But perhaps other plans are in order.  We’ll see what happens.


What are your thoughts?

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