The Siren’s Song

Okay, things have been a little hectic on this end – so much so that I forgot Monday’s Micro Monday until Tuesday. Just the usual health issues with my mother, but she’s on the mend now, and my wife and I are actually starting to catch up on our sleep and are approaching humanhood once [...]

Adieu to Vic and Ray

Now I have all the original ten pages of Deadline entered into the notebook complete with the necessary changes. But now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start with the second chapter, which is the fortieth birthday of the lead character. I’ll have to see. The chapter I’m working on introduces five characters during its length, [...]

Rejection and Writer’s Support

This threatened to become the world’s longest comment so I decided to post it here as opposed to sapping someone else’s bandwidth. Cindy over at A Writer’s Diary posted an entry that discusses her anguish over giving a book a negative review. Her contention is that since she’s down there in the trenches, too, she [...]


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