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Horror, Suspense, and Sloppiness

I haven’t succumbed to memery in quite a while, but there’s one going around Facebook right now that gives me some excellent blog fodder, so here we go. This latest invites us to, in honor of impending Halloween, to name our 10 favorite horror movies. When I was first tagged I thought, I can’t do [...]

O Christmas Meme, O Christmas Meme!

I’ve been incommunicado for a while. My wife and I have been caring for my mother in various venues that started with her apartment, then moved into our house for three years, and when the level of care she needed became beyond our abilities, into a nursing home last March. She had her ups and [...]


My daughter occasionally posts what she calls “Conversation Collages” on her blog or Facebook page. I’ve long thought that was neat, and thought that was something I’d like to do, but I don’t have her ear for statements which sound interesting when taken out of context. I’m old school. I tend to pick up comments [...]

Snakes on a Plane, or, Five Lessons from Hollywood

CONTENT ADVISORY: Some of the links in this post lead to places that use an abundance of naughty words. Even some of the URL’s have cussin’ in them. You have been warned. I really hate to hop on a meme like this, the Internet Flavor of the Month, but it says so much about something [...]

Christmas Favorites

Here’s an idea I stole from Kevin at Observations, who in turn stole it from a blogging friend of his. I’ve added to Kevin’s, who added to his friend’s. Who knows where this will end? The Best Of Christmas Best Christmas Song (Religious): What Child Is This?Best Christmas Song (Secular): The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting [...]


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