R.I.P. Harvey Pekar

I just found out that Harvey Pekar passed away this morning as a result of his long battle with cancer. I’m still not a huge fan of his – I haven’t read enough of his stuff. But I kind of admired him because he slugged it out in his day job as a file clerk [...]

Michael Crichton, 1942 – 2008

In 1969, this kid who wanted to be a writer walked into his local library and was browsing in the adult section when he happened upon a book on the New shelf. The cover intrigued him. He picked it up, read the inside flap, read the opening sentence – and was hooked. He checked the [...]

Robert Palmer, R.I.P

Robert Palmer, ’80′s music icon and snappy dresser, has died at the age of 54. Ordinarily I wouldn’t mention this – I tolerated his work but was never really a fan – except I know of someone who is going to be very upset: K, of And/News. The first time Richard sees her, she’s pumping [...]

The Man in Black is Gone

“Ah fell in to a burnin’ ring of far –Ah went down down down and the flames went har…” This is how we used to make fun of Johnny Cash when I was a snot-nosed junior-high kid. It was how most people we knew made fun of Johnny Cash. But it should also be noted [...]


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