Oh, Fudge!

Where to come down on the idea of cussin’ in one’s books? I’ve gotten away from it for the most part, mostly because I’m a Christian and try hard not to use it myself. But I’ve also sat through enough TV versions of films where the language is softened, and for the most part the [...]

Little Moments

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read this entry if you have not read A Death of Honor. Payne caught up as a uniformed man with a megaphone announced that boarding was closing to check for last-minute cancellations. Trinina looked harried. The steward guarding the path looked stern. He handed her Nathan’s suitcase. “What’s the problem?” “He [...]

Ghostwriters in Disguise, Part II

So if you’re often deprived of glory on the cover of a book, why ghostwrite at all? I think that’s all explained in this excellent article on NPR. But I can see from the look on your face that you won’t click the link and read the article. You want me to tell about my [...]


A Father ChristmasAct Two, Scene One (Finished)Pages, 9/19/06: 4Total pages: 118 The courtroom scene is finished. Now I know what Richard Nixon must have felt like when the troops started coming home from Vietnam. It wasn’t without at least one casualty. Getting toward the end of the scene, the antagonist decided to get in the [...]

Literary Profiling: The First Novel

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was tapped to read an ARC of a forthcoming CBA novel, Waking Lazarus by T.L. Hines, with an eye toward providing a blurb for the cover (providing I liked the book). Well, I liked the book, I wrote the blurb, and I’ll review it here when the [...]

Almost White

Life has been happening, as usual. This getting to write one or two days a week just isn’t going to cut it. I need to hurry up and become a bestselling author so I have time to write. Is that a Catch-22 or what? I have been busy on the creative front. I’ve been working [...]

Writing v. Storytelling

I came to a conclusion this weekend thanks to research for a novel that I decided not to write yet. When I was in the throes of obsession with starting up a new writing project, my original idea was to bash out a comic mystery that could be the first novel in a character series. [...]


It doesn’t hurt to be flexible. Example: I knew the handwriting was on the wall today. After work I was going to end up being Mr. Concrete, mixing and patching the rest of the holes in the floor of the barn where my daughter’s goats will live. I knew I would be dead tired after [...]


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