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What, are you kidding? We got ourselves an e-book here!

It’s live on You can get it for the Amazon Kindle, and if you don’t have one, you can read it on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Phone 7 with Amazon’s free Kindle Application. And it’s only $0.99, for a limited time.* So check it out on this site’s new [...]

The Cliff’s Notes Version of How to Be a Writer

A lot of my posts come from questions I get from aspiring writers struggling with some part of the writing process or another. The other day I got an email peppered with questions I had mostly already answered. However, it occurred to me that there might be others out there who, like this particular reader, [...]

The Kindle Blues

I thought that people who did a lot of reading were supposed to be smart. See, at the end of 2008 I ordered an Amazon Kindle, and it arrived at the end of February in 2009. I love it. It’s a brilliant device that does one thing – let you read – really, really, really [...]

The E-Book Plan

I got through the holidays just fine. We went to see the second Harry Potter movie on Christmas Eve after Christmas #2. Leaving the theater it was sleeting, and by morning my corner of Ohio had a really white Christmas. There was enough snow to make the drive to the in-laws a treacherous one, and [...]


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