Thank You

Yesterday morning I posted a bit of one-off humor. Nothing unusual. I’d done it before without much response. But some of the powers that be at somehow saw it and were apparently amused enough to put it into yesterday’s Freshly Pressed queue… and I wasn’t quite ready for what came next. Thousands of folks [...]

Welcome to the Latest New Me, or, The War is Over and I Won

Welcome to the latest iteration of All the woes chronicled in the previous post are in the past, and I’m now free to get on with my life. The new look to this site is a landmark. It’s the first time since 1998 that I haven’t designed the site myself. After several versions, I [...]

Are You Master of Your Domain Name? Are You Sure?

So there you are, sitting and doing your thing with your very own domain name.,, it doesn’t matter.  It’s yours, all yours.  And as you sit back getting ready to write your latest post, it is with smug self-assurance because you paid the powers-that-be at an Internet Domain Name Registrar, and all you [...]

Interruption of Service Alert

Things are going to be a mess here for a while. I just found out near the end of last week that Blogger is going to discontinue support of sites using FTP to custom templates. Guess what this site is. According to Blogger, they’ve had this up for months, but it kind of reminds me [...]

Version 10.0, I Think, or,Welcome to The Home World, or,Free at Last from The Tyranny of the Pen

This is the tenth design of my web site. Appropriate – I seem to change it on average of once a year, although some designs have lasted longer than others. This also means Happy Anniversary to me, I suppose, since the site originally went live in May of 1998, but I missed that one due [...]

Vote Early and Often

A couple of things about voting. First of all, my work colleague and carpool buddy, Sean McArdle, has a comic book project in the top three of Platinum Studios’ 2008 Comic Book Challenge. He’s made the jump from the Top 50 to the Top 10 thanks to the judges, and voters have put his project [...]

My Baby’s On the Other Side of the World and Other Stories

1. My Baby’s On the Other Side of the World. It’s not my wife or girlfriend baby. It’s my youngest child. And she really is on the other side of the world, 14 time zones away1 in Siberia. Actually, she’s in what is called “Far East Russia,” but we all say “Siberia” because people give [...]


I’ve been feeling inspired lately, and I’m not quite sure why. A number of things have caught my creative attention, and as soon as some time opens up (in September), I’m going to start tinkering. So what, you might ask, am I inspired to do? 1) This web site, version 8.0. When I chose to [...]

*Crackle* Are we still up? Hello?

Well, I think we’re back up. Again. No sooner did I get everything flipped over than my web host migrated servers. Some directory names changed, and for a while it looked like the posts and changes I made to the site were disappearing into a black hole. Well, that’s all been fixed, so we’re up [...]

What’s Been Happening

Okay, it only took me eight weeks to get back here. Not bad, I guess, considering that I really thought hard about not coming back at all. But in the end, I think I really can’t help myself. I really can’t stop. (“No. Really. I can quit anytime“) Anyway, in the time since I pulled [...]


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