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Horror, Suspense, and Sloppiness

I haven’t succumbed to memery in quite a while, but there’s one going around Facebook right now that gives me some excellent blog fodder, so here we go. This latest invites us to, in honor of impending Halloween, to name our 10 favorite horror movies. When I was first tagged I thought, I can’t do [...]


Happiness is finding out you’ve got twice as many days off to use up by the end of he year than you originally thought you had. I was under the impression I had two, and one of those I was using on the day after Thanksgiving. But a check revealed four. This was a surprise. [...]

The Fudge Factor, or,”How Much Can I Get Away With Before My Audience Deserts Me?”

An interesting exchange of e-mails with my old college buddy Scoob has given me fodder for not one but two posts. This is the first, and the second will straggle in at some point in the future. Scoob started the ball rolling when he sent me this link to a blog wherein a physicist nitpicks [...]

Kung Foot

My friend Scoob sent me this link right here about the latest Hollywood regurgitation, namely a big screen version of the old 70′s TV chestnut Kung Fu. I wasn’t a follower of the show when it was on. I only watched it a couple of times, just enough to pick up on all the tropes [...]

Blame it on Bierce

Caution: Due to subject matter, spoilers abound. If you don’t want to learn shocking surprises like Soylent Green is made of people, do not read the following. I’ve been cheated by my favorite television program. Tuesday night I knew going in that Dr. Gregory House was going to be shot by a former patient, and [...]

The Plot-Fix Mini Clinic

Here are a couple of things I’ve wanted to write posts about. The problem is, I didn’t think I really had enough to say about them to justify doing it (I know, I know, since when has that ever stopped me before?). What I decided to do is combine them into one post, a couple [...]

Artistic Integrity (Rant #2)

Well, this about clenches it. I’m getting ready to shrug off any notions of writing commercial fiction and just write books for me, even if they end up in the metaphorical closet under the metaphorical bowling shoes. Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before. But I think I’m getting serious about it, because I feel [...]

Place as Character

Over the weekend my daughter was watching It Could Happen to You, the fluffly romantic comedy starring Nicolas Cage as a hapless cop who gives a lottery ticket worth $2 million to waitress Bridgett Fonda. As I like Cage and this particular Fonda, I watched the last part of it with my daughter. She didn’t [...]

Snakes on a Plane, or, Five Lessons from Hollywood

CONTENT ADVISORY: Some of the links in this post lead to places that use an abundance of naughty words. Even some of the URL’s have cussin’ in them. You have been warned. I really hate to hop on a meme like this, the Internet Flavor of the Month, but it says so much about something [...]

The High Price of Being a Genius (Pete Townshend and the Birth of “Tommy”)

By last Friday my wife had had enough antibiotics to fight back her pneumonia. I had planned to stay home and make sure she was all right, but the word came down. It was safe enough to make my journey north to Cleveland and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to see the Tommy: [...]


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