Because I’m A Lousy Friend

Tonight we wrapped up my VBS play “The Amazing Secret of the Castle Omi La” (except for an encore performance on Sunday night for those who missed episodes or want to see it again). Now I can now turn my attention back to some other pending literary projects – picking up work on converting A [...]

The Green Acres Effect

After much delay at the hands of family matters, I’m back on the case of finishing The Amazing Secret of the Castle Omi La for this year’s VBS. A little bit of history here. The first VBS play I did was The Terrible Misfortune. It was a pirate-themed show. It was influenced by every cliche [...]

Just Another Night at Wal-Mart

Finished episode two of The Amazing Secret of Omi La, after struggling against weeks of interruptions and time burners. Two more and we’ll have us a VBS play. Meantime, here’s an excerpt from the novel I’m on the verge of finishing up, …and that’s the end of the news (except when I’m calling it Drawing [...]

Slowly I Turn…

So just to catch up on what I’m doing, I am currently working on the this year’s play for our Vacation Bible School program – a knights of the round table themed epic called The Secret of the Castle Omi La. I don’t think it’s going to be as big a scale as everyone expects [...]


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