The Sci-Fi Blues

Here’s the second part of Scoob’s missive wherein he asks a very good question: What is it about Sci-Fi that is so difficult for TV to get? His point is that, in an era that is ready to embrace the genre as its own – there’s even a channel dedicated to it now – why [...]

The Fudge Factor, or,”How Much Can I Get Away With Before My Audience Deserts Me?”

An interesting exchange of e-mails with my old college buddy Scoob has given me fodder for not one but two posts. This is the first, and the second will straggle in at some point in the future. Scoob started the ball rolling when he sent me this link to a blog wherein a physicist nitpicks [...]

Literary Snobbery

I’m not really writing Science Fiction right now, but this still ticks me off. Gary Gibson, over at White Screen of Despair describes a run in he had yesterday with a literature snob. If you’re not into SF at all, you probably haven’t seen one in action, so in a nutshell – they’re the types [...]

Fudging Science

I am working on writing. It’s just that there’s not much to report because the work is not that exciting; going through and changing everything to the same 12 point font, reformatting all of the tables into something a PDA reader can understand and changing all the underlined material to italics (publishers want anything italicized [...]


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