This Guy’s Favorite Moments from Chick Flicks

A writer friend of mine has a sidebar on one of her blogs that features her favorite moments from chick flicks. I liked this idea, and thought about putting in scenes from my favorite guy movies. Then it hit me that doing this would be easy. Too easy. What better challenge is there than to find scenes from chick flicks that my wife made me sit through I lovingly sat through with my wife?

I must admit that while reviewing my wife’s DVD collection my mind wandered a bit during each film, but mostly I was able to pay attention enough to (proudly!) bring you the following list.

In the alley behind the bar where Julia Roberts is trying to locate her friend, Richard Gere is set upon by a handful of thugs. Roberts appears just in time and pulls a 9mm from her purse. She dispatches all of the miscreants, each with a double-tap shot to the head. “Wow,” says Gere. “Where’d you learn to shoot like that?” “The Mossad,” Roberts answers, deadpan. And we don’t know if she’s serious or not.

When Mr. Darcy learns that the lousy guy has absconded with Elizabeth’s sister, he takes a carriage all night to London to find them. With the help of his best friend, he spirits the sister out of the house. Then he secures the doors on the house and sets it on fire. The louse dies a horrible, agonizing death.

Tom Hanks gets to the top of the Empire State Building but his son is not there. Meg Ryan arrives, and realizing this is all her fault, swears to make it right. The elevator man says he saw the boy being loaded into a van on the ground floor. Ryan takes a fire hose and rappels down the side of the buliding and runs to her ex-fiance’s car, where she pulls out an AK-47. She empties it into the front of the van as it comes around the corner. The van hits a fire hydrant and water gushes everywhere. She pulls the boy from the back of the van as Hanks appears on the scene. Everyone is wet but happy.

Everyone piles into the car to help Hugh Grant find Julia Roberts, but their erratic driving gets the attention of the police, who give chase. One by one, Grant’s friends sacrifice themselves for true love by leaping out of the car into traffic to create a diversion. By the time Grant gets there, he has lost all of his friends, but he has Roberts. NOTE: I would have liked this movie a lot more if the police sniper hadn’t shot Grant dead at the very end.

Ryan O’Neil arrives at the hospital to see Ali McGraw plugged into every tube in the world. “Hey, hockey jock,” she says, “love means never having to say you’re sorry.” “But I’m not sorry,” O’Neil says. “I’ve just found out that you’re not sick.” He explains that there’s a big, dark, sinister conspiracy and the upshot is that the hospital is slowly poisoning her to death. He unplugs all the tubes and carries her out of the hospital. At his car, he pulls out a radio and calls in an air strike on the hospital. Several B-52 bombers show up, and O’Neil and McGraw kiss while the hospital is blown to smithereens (I always cry at that part).

After killing his drill sergeant in the martial arts fight, Richard Gere is pursued by police to the factory where Deborah Winger works. “I always said I’d die for you, and I’m about to,” Gere says. “Well then I’ll die for you, ya big lug,” Winger says. They both load up handguns and take one in each hand, then run out shooting at the surrounding militia. The camera freezes on them running out and you hear lots of gunshots. I always cry at this, too, but not as much as the exploding hospital in Love Story,

The Office Seductress flies into a rage over not being able to seduce Alan Rickman and sneaks into his house and takes him hostage along with his children. Emma Thompson arrives at the police blockade of the house and decides to take matters into her own hands. She crawls in through the loose cellar window that Rickman never did fix, and confronts the Seductress in the kitchen. They both grab cutlery, and after an extended knife fight, Thompson sinks her knife into the kidnapper’s chest up to the hilt and quips, “My order is to go – and you’re the carry out!”

I just want to say that it was fun to do this and I’m now thinking of doing another list. Maybe my favorite kissing scenes from Martial Arts movies. Time for some research!

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  1. I must’ve dozed off during these movies, because the scenes you describe are better than anything I remember seeing.

    I get through chick flicks by paying attention to the cabinetry. A lot of times, the characters in chick flicks have great appartments or live in these history houses, and I’ll see a bookself or some cabinets and think, “I bet I could build that. How would I go about it? I’d need a new router….”

  2. great list.

    i’ve never seen a single one of those movies. well… my wife and i started ‘love, actually’ once but turned it off only party way in. i guess i’m blessed to have a wife who doesn’t love girl movies. [she prefers to turn the couches up on their sides and lob darts at one another from behind our respective foxholes.] yeah, she’s awesome.

    diehard rules!

  3. …still, truth be told, girls would still like to know what scenes from Chick Flicks guys truly liked, but were afraid to admit…

  4. Haha very cute list

  5. Funny thing, in our house it’s Wonderful Husband who likes Chick Flicks and we have to watch them over and over.
    I think we’ve watched ‘Fargo’ just the once – and I had to tie his shoe laces together to get him to stay.

  6. So cute but true. I think it is because us women want to be the heroin or want men to realize that we need a little romance. Sad but reality. It’s all good, keep in mind we dont always need the men to be our heros but it is nice to know they are there…good stuff. you are the right track, especially remembering your wife’s feelings in doing this great post.

  7. very nice. although you forgot that part in

    Noah and Ali are standing in the rain, (line, line, 365 letters, line) “…it’s still not over” and he picks her up into his arms, she moves in for the kiss, then he uses the momentum from the lift to spin and hurl her 40 feet into the air above the lake, all the while he continues his spin but rotates down and pulls a cougar magnum up of his ankle holster, continues the spin and puts three rounds in Ali, 2 in the chest and 1 in the heart (for good measure), she then continues to fall into she hits the water, and slowly sinks away. Noah slowly blows the smoke from the barrell of his trusty gun, and whispers in a Dirty Harryesque voice, “I guess you won’t be writing back.” (Fade to credits).

  8. You forgot one in Love Actually! When the aged rock star goes on television live and performs naked…just a funny and great scene! I’ve always thought Love Actually was one that anyone can like. Or, if you’re a man’s man, how about when the guy who moves to the US meets the girls who not only are absolutely beautiful, but are poor, sleep in the same bed, and can’t afford pajamas? Ha.

  9. Another scene i really like is from the movie THE HOLIDAY, when Diaz lands up at Jude Law’s house uninvited & she sees his kids & nshe’s enquiring if he is divorced by Spelling out the word DIVORCED & he replies that he is a widower in the same fashion .

  10. WOW now that was good! :)

    My soon to be ex hubby actually liked some chick flicks and after multiple times of seeing it will still cry (yes openly cry) when Sally Field is having her melt down in the cemetery scene after her daughter’s funeral in Steel Magnolias.

  11. Also forgetting the scene in LOVE ACTUALLY wherein Liam Neeson is handed his step-son’s mangled corpse by Heathrow Armed Police after he failed to stop running through the airport like “a suspicious terrorist-ey person.”

  12. Man, I wish that scene really did happen in Pretty Woman. I hate that movie and something is needed to make it interesting.

  13. got to be spitting scenes in the world cup that matter now… will be funny

  14. ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing your unique perspective and making an effort to find things you like about chick flicks. :)

  15. Lovely compilation.

    I have seen 5 of the movies in the list mentioned. The scenes you mentioned are indeed ‘the’ scenes of the movies.

  16. This is quite funny — you had my mind scrambling over the scenes of Pretty Woman to see if I could remember those particular vignettes.

    If you have a tweeny daugher, she could make you sit through the Twilight series. Won’t that be fun?

  17. Great list!

    As a die-hard Jane Austen fan, for a moment I was thinking “Which version of Pride and Prejudice did you see?” Have to admit, I like your alternate version.

    My husband has dutifully sat through quite a few chick flicks. In return, I sit through “Star Trek.” :)

  18. My wife made me sit through “Letters To Juliet.” Zero redeeming features! Even Vanessa Redgrave and Italy couldn’t save this chick flick. Run!

  19. That is definitely the best scene from Notting Hill, but i do love the whole film!

    My partner hates chick flicks and still holds a grudge against me for making him sit through Steel Magnolias with me and my mum ;)

  20. Love, Actually is a chick flick that I actually enjoy. Call me sappy, but LA + hot chocolate + a significant other on a cold winter night is fantastic

  21. I came over here from the WordPress home page and I just had to say that this post is brillant! But you forgot the all important scene in While You Were Sleeping where at the end of the movie Sandra Bullock’s character does a murder/suicide by tossing both guys under the tracks of an oncoming train and then jumps after them.

  22. My husband is the one who watches movies and I have to lovingly sit though the Star Treks, Chronicles of Riddick, Bourne movies, and all the guy movies! Just like how you do so with your wife, too! You inspire me to write about what scenes girls remember from guy movies!! Actually… Yah!! I will come up with something soon!! Umm.. that meansI have to sit though some movies with him ha?? :) Thanks for the post. Very funny!

    • You make an excellent point, though I suspect the term guy flick doesn’t have the same condescending and sacrificial connotation as chick flick. I still wince when I recall 2005′s War of the Worlds with its laughable lack of logic and seedy Spielberg sentimentality, or Speed, or Avatar with its bogus green and go native message, or the Bo … wait, I can’t put the Bourne movies on this list. Matt Damon can do no wrong.

  23. I wanted to say, with pride, that I never saw any of those fims, but then I remembered that I saw Notting Hill. But to my credit, I spent an unusually long time hanging around the popcorn counter.

  24. The ending to Officer and a Gentleman sounds suspiciously like the ending of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But I always thought of that as a Romantic Comedy too.

    Another correction: Julia Roberts, in Pretty Woman, wasn’t trained by Mossad; it was the KGB.

  25. I like the way you think!

  26. You should watch “Bride and Prejudice”… its the Bollywood version of Pride and Prejudice. Darcy’s reaction is a little more violent. (Than his “real” reaction, not yours.) Plus there’s crazy dance scenes. It’s a hoot.

    • There’s an entire shelf of my wife’s DVD collection dedicated to versions of P’nP, so I think I’ve seen that one. That’s the one where Darcy takes a cricket bat and beats Wickham to a pulp, right?

  27. May your mind wander more.

    If the entire population of the planet simultaneously downloaded all the chick flicks ever made, would it suck all the crap out of the ozone layer and do something useful?

    Re: Notting Hill. For me, litigiously, it wouldn’t have got past the ‘coffee scalding’. Perhaps lots of court scenes where the perfectly-formed Julia slowly rolls up her white angora sweater to the bated-breathed jury to give evidence?

    Not sure about all the guns – though, I may have just shot myself through the foot with this post!

  28. HAHAHAHA!!! I literally sat here for five minutes reading the Pretty Woman scene wondering when the hell that happened. I literally said to myself “that must have been on the special edition dvd cause ive NEVER seen it”.

    Thats what happens when you read blogs while answering phones.

    Anyway, very creative and entertaining. Keep it up

  29. My husband and i have different tastes in movies. he likes action, shoot ‘em up, exploding kind of movies, while I like romantic comedy. So we sit through each other’s choices together. He kindly reads excerpts from my novels, but would prefer that I was a female version of Stephen King. I promised him a novel that he would enjoy and started it, and now he’s begging me to finish. Sadly for him, I’m into too many other things at the moment!
    Great post!

    • My wife reads my work one chapter at a time, too. I’ve got one unfinished novel she’s looked at that does have a Nicholas Sparks-ish cast to it, but I’m too scared to ask if it’s her favorite. Like you, I’m not sure when that one will get finished…

  30. I, too, thought (only at first) that clearly, I have missed something in these movies! Sooo clever, too funny!!!

  31. What, no First Wives Club? You haven’t really suffered yet.

  32. Is this how men translate our lovey-dovey scenes and replay them into action-packed spin-offs? Creative movie-review. I could actually picture these off-the-wall scenes taking place…

  33. nice :)

  34. [...] This Guy’s Favorite Moments from Chick Flicks A writer friend of mine has a sidebar on one of her blogs that features her favorite moments from chick flicks. I liked [...] [...]

  35. I laughed and then I laughed harder when I realized that I DIDN’T miss these scenes in the DVD version of them…really great. Thanks!

  36. So, is “Marley and Me” a chick flick? What about “it’s a Guy thing”??

    My all time favourite comedic flicks, for over a decade now, have been “My Cousin Vinny” and “The Blues Brothers”

  37. Wow i started reading and was like, you know it has been a while since ive seen pretty woman, but i dont remember a gun scene. I loved your scenes. Thank you for the laugh,

  38. I have only seen a few on the list. My boyfriend likes “In the Mood for Love” by Wong Kar Fai – If Iam not mistaken of the spelling.
    I myself love The Phantom of the Opera, and The Painted Veil ( the best movies ever!!)
    Happy watching other movies:D

  39. i wish that scene really was in Love, Actually

  40. Great post. Loved it.

  41. Dude, this blog was totally awesome (especially the crossed out words in tho opening, nice touch) but you ruined about three movies for me. Two words that you must learn: “Spoiler Alert.”

  42. Now these are some chick flicks I wouldn’t mind watching!


  43. In When in Rome, when the guy Jon Heder plays talks, I keep imagining he’s talking like Napoleon Dynamite. It helped me get by.

  44. I like the scene in the special extended unrated edition of “What Women Want” starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. The alternate ending where Mel Gibson goes wacko puts on blue war paint and cries out freedom all the while going on an unexplainable montage of violence and gore then returning home, with blood on his face, to Helen Hunt where he looks deep into her eyes and dumps her saying, “Ugh you disgust me.” He then washes up and goes chasing after Marisa Tomei.

  45. LOL!! You may have just created a whole new genre!!
    I would still just take John Cusack standing outside with his huge radio outside her window in “Say Anything”.

  46. This is genius. I have to admit I was stumped with the pretty woman one as well. I definitely want to read more. Keep posting! ^_^

  47. [...] A writer friend of mine has a sidebar on one of her blogs that features her favorite moments from chick flicks. I liked this idea, and thought about putting in scenes from my favorite guy movies. Then it hit me that doing this would be easy. Too easy. What better challenge is there than to find scenes from chick flicks that my wife made me sit through I loving … Read More [...]

  48. Haha so true. Boys will be boys, they’ll turn any soppy movie into an action flick and only remember that part. It’s raining and now in the mood to watch a chick flick…

  49. Awesome. There are some girls who would rather watch Die Hard than Love Actually on gunpoint, so yep I would tolerate these movies much better with the scenes mentioned above!

    Great post. :)

  50. I’m shocked. No scenes from Roman Holiday? Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Sabrina?

    Any classic Hollywood for that matter? ^J^

  51. This is great!

  52. Great post. Definitely classic and must to see movies. I’ve seen most of the movies above an they rate two thumbs up for me.

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