About An Unpleasantness at Lonesome Gulch

I didn’t blog a word about this one. I just got caught up in what was going on, and by the time I recovered, it had been over for a couple of weeks. And unless you’re connected to me via Facebook, you had no idea what was going on. So here’s what went down. I [...]

Me, as a pretty unpleasant fellow

We opened To Kill A Mockingbird this weekend to two consecutive standing ovations. I would have played the picket fence in this show, but I’m elated to have the part of Bob Ewell. We have three more shows next week – Saturday is already sold out.

This Awful Weed

With all of the noise of the fair out of the way, and slogging through September (always a busy month, and is probably the toughest month for writing – well, maybe next to December), my intentions were turning toward getting that stupid Christmas play finished and out of my way so I can either go [...]

In Which The Terrible Misfortune Sets Sail and Doesn’t Do So Bad As All That

So The Terrible Misfortune is history – for another year, anyway. By the end of the play’s single run, there was talk of doing it again next year, and speculation that another congregation might use it for their one-day VBS as well. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Friday. Rehearsal. The same principles who showed [...]

I Think I Could Get Into This Directing Thing A Lot

A whole lot. A whole fat lot. We rehearsed last night for the first time on the hay wagon that has been skillfully and adroitly converted into a pirate ship by our assistant minister. It comes complete with three sails, a bow, a secret compartment, a ship’s wheel, a flag that changes from a Union [...]

The Show Must Begin

The Terrible Misfortune is finished, completed with a session on Saturday (Episode 4) and then Sunday afternoon (Episode 5), in time for casting and first rehearsal Sunday night after evening services. The total page count is 47, and I think the two scenes are about of equal length, with 5 being the larger of the [...]

Some Pages

A Father ChristmasAct Two, Scene OnePages, 3/25/06: 4Current Total: 95 What can I say? Trying hard to keep the streak alive. The defense finished with the antagonist, and just put the protagonist on the stand. He’s explaining what he does for a living. Basically, he’s an insurance salesman. But of course, the play isn’t about [...]

Back to Where it All Started

Friday night when I got home from work, I found out my daughter was apprehensive about driving herself to rehearsal for the play she’s assistant directing. After all, it was not just any Friday night, but the evening of St. Patrick’s Day, probably the second most popular drinking holiday after New Year’s Eve. She batted [...]

Sense of Funny (What Makes Something Funny, Part 2)

JCF’s Christmas PlayPages, 10/10/05: 6Current Total: 16 All of the protagonists are introduced. The last thing I wrote before quitting was a knock on the door. When our hero (or it might be his wife – I may change things up a bit) answers the door, the secure little world I’ve created for them will [...]

Carousel Revisited

I realized on the commute to work today that I have an opportunity to start something that was one of the intents of this journal – namely, to track an idea from its origin to the finished product. Since starting the Foundry a year ago, I have documented the comings and goings of ideas – [...]


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