Vote Early and Often

A couple of things about voting. First of all, my work colleague and carpool buddy, Sean McArdle, has a comic book project in the top three of Platinum Studios’ 2008 Comic Book Challenge. He’s made the jump from the Top 50 to the Top 10 thanks to the judges, and voters have put his project [...]

Celluloid Lio

From my friend Scoob comes a bit of news that I should be happy about – but I’m not sure I am. He sent me this article discussing how plans are afoot to bring my favorite comic strip, Lio, to the big screen. (“But Faust,” I hear you cry, “I thought Calvin and Hobbes was [...]

I Got Some Catching Up To Do

The sun is out and The Darkest Month has about melted away. I’ve had a couple of passing urges to pick up a pen, but couldn’t seem to decide, or perhaps was unwilling to contemplate, which set of words I should direct to come out of the other end. Since it has been a while [...]

The Cult of Mary Worth

This was just going to be a simple post. I realized after writing about character names that I’d left one category out – that of Anagrams. I was going to cite the name I had in my children’s book for a goofy alien despot, Diputs, as an example (read it backwards and you’ll figure out [...]

Scary Monsters

More fodder from my friend Scoob, spinning off of an e-mail discussion we were having about comic books part of which was referenced here. Only this part of the conversation has to do with fear. Namely, things that scared me as a child. Growing up in the 1960′s was a fairly idyllic time, at least [...]

What Makes Something Funny? (Part 3)

Ace of Spades HQ takes a break from political commentary to discuss the eternal question (and one that has brought many Googlers to these pages), “What makes something funny?” Ace kicks off by discussing a formula for humor as set forth by Dilbert creator Scott Adams in his new blog. According to Adams, humor is [...]

The Adventures of Lewis and Clark

Things happen that make me marvel at how the creative process works. Sometimes it’s like standing back and watching something else do the creative work on autopilot. Where does it come from and how does it happen? I don’t know. Latest case in point. While surfing I happened upon a site called It’s an [...]

Obsolete Literature (Irving Berlin)

A new Irrelevant blog debuts today: Duane Garner’s amber Bach. Duane has an interesting way of looking at things, and his observations, like Lay’s potato chips, are difficult to leave after you’ve sampled one. It looks like my face survived last night’s allergic reaction. Before retiring I put a coating of Bag Balm on it, [...]


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