The Show Must Begin

The Terrible Misfortune is finished, completed with a session on Saturday (Episode 4) and then Sunday afternoon (Episode 5), in time for casting and first rehearsal Sunday night after evening services. The total page count is 47, and I think the two scenes are about of equal length, with 5 being the larger of the two. I’ll likely do some cutting as we go, especially to Episode 1, because there’s a lot of stuff in there where I was just feeling my way along until I got a handle on the material.

Having a list of actors made things go faster in the end, as did the simple fact that, the closer I get to the end, the more I have inside of my head for the project. The cast helped because as I went on, I found myself writing parts for specific people, and it just flowed.

Because this balloon goes up on Saturday, I combined casting and first rehearsal together. Instead of having people read for parts, I gave individual parts to those who had parts written for them, and then had actors switch roles around until I settled in with whom I wanted where… mostly. I thought my cast would be too big, but I’ve got a couple of surplus actors, and a stage so small that I don’t have room for the roles I do have, let alone set dressing. Must think about that.

We ended up getting through three of the five episodes before the bewitching hour took half the cast. The ones on permanent assignment have their scripts. The next rehearsal is Wednesday night. I’m wondering if it can all come together in a week without having some folks with scripts in their hands for the final performance, but I keep trying to comfort myself with the words of Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare in Love; “I don’t know how it comes together, but it always seems to. It’s a mystery.”

Or words to that effect.

(And to think I want to do this again next year, with a longer play, a big set, and paying customers. What am I? Crazy?)

Beatrice, she got a phonograph
and it won’t say a lonesome word
Beatrice, she got a phonograph
and it won’t say a lonesome word
What evil have I done
what evil has the poor girl heard

(via iPod Shuffle)


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