The Mystery of the Note On My Palm

On my Palm I have a utility called Bug Me. It acts as a virtual sticky note to which I can attach alarms to remind me of short-term things that don’t need to be put on the main calendar.

I also use Bug Me as a note pad in odd moments when I need to jot something and don’t want to go into the Notepad and mess with Grafitti (Bug Me lets you write directly on the screen).

The reason I bring this up is because I recently found a note to myself that had gotten buried in Bug Me with all the other notes I wrote myself. It says:

Men are predators
10 – 20 more

I seem to remember jotting the first part of it to remind myself of something to use in And/News, but it’s that “10 – 20 more” that baffles me. I must have thought it important at the time, but now this note is a huge mystery. I can’t recall how I was going to work the predatory men in, let alone what the “more” were, or what they were doing.

Looks like what I have long said is true. If the idea is worth remembering, it will come back – and many times it will bring a friend. If not, it will disappear like mist.

Even if you write it down.

Interface news, item one: another blog makes an appearance in the WriterBlog section: Rob’s Writing Pains. I have deduced that Rob is writing a mystery (judging from his many Lawrence Block references), and his entries about what he is going through are short and to the point (unlike a certain SF writer turned thriller writer cum blogger I could name).

Interface news, item two: I found out that the Google search installed on my core site also functions nicely with this blog. So I have added a link to the search page in case return visitors need to find something.

366 days until I’m supposed to be on a beach in the Bahamas with an easily ignored Powerbook at my side…



What are your thoughts?

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