The E-Book Plan

I got through the holidays just fine. We went to see the second Harry Potter movie on Christmas Eve after Christmas #2. Leaving the theater it was sleeting, and by morning my corner of Ohio had a really white Christmas. There was enough snow to make the drive to the in-laws a treacherous one, and it’s still white today – and some of the back roads are still snow packed. The day was so busy that we ended up having the Santa half of our nuclear family Christmas in the morning and the opening of presents half at 9 p.m. that night.

Onto writing:

This morning, after thinking about it for a week, I sent an e-mail to my agent about the work he wants me to do on the PDA version of the Pembroke Hall novels. Part of what he wanted me to think about in conjunction with all of this is some kind of campaign to promote the e-release.

All of these things were on my mind when I sat down to send my e-mail, and when I started to type, the plan jelled: in order to make this project worth the time and effort of putting the editorial changes in, I want the Palm edition of the books to be one single novel as I originally intended. I came up with all sorts of related PR concepts to spin off from this, some of which would be good for the book, and others that would benefit Palm Digital Media.

I think the plan is good. Like I concluded to my agent, I work in advertising, and thinking of stuff like this is what I get paid to do. I will divulge more later when I get reaction from New York. It’s my hope is that everyone involved goes for it, because if I’m going to do all that work, it might as well be for something I really want. And now that the rights to the two books of Boddekker’s story have reverted back to me, I really want it to be a single volume from here on out, amen.


What are your thoughts?

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