Sgt. Charles T. Faust, Jr., United States Army Air Force, circa 1942. Sgt. Faust taught ordinance and demolitions to soldiers bound to fight overseas. Following VE day, he was trained to be a tail gunner in a B-24 bomber to take part in Operation Downfall. He never left the United States – while he was on the train to his deployment point, Japan surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One other important thing happened to Sgt. Faust on a train. While traveling, he spotted a beautiful young woman travelling with her mother. He went over and asked for her help with a crossword puzzle, over which he had written his name in large block letters. They exchanged addresses and corresponded for a year, meeting only three times in person before being married in May of 1943. He passed away in August of 1988, two months before his second granddaughter – my daughter – was born.

Sgt. C.T. Faust, Jr., 1921 - 1988


One response to “11-11-11

  1. Very nice piece. So appropriate for Veterans’ Day. It reminds me of my father who was in the Navy and on a destroyer escort during the second world war.

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