While momsitting last night, I happened on Jericho, the post-apocalyptic TV series responsible for this post. I decided to give it a watch, but was only able to stand about twenty minutes before giving up. However, that’s not going to stop me from writing this review:

So what do you think, JB?

I’m sorry, but this is routine.

Routine? I put my heart into this.

You got a small Kansas town where the Sheriff can’t decide if he wants to leave his wife for a barmaid. You got a prodigal son with a history coming back to town. A mayor with health problems and a sharp tongued wife. A gang of dangerous hoods, and someone with a mysterious, shadowy past. It’s routine potboiler stuff, comes across my desk all the time. Sorry, but the network is taking a pass on this.

I see.
(gets up to leave)
Wait. What if I made some changes?

What kind of changes?

What if I…
(reaching for an answer)
What if there was something different about the town?

What can possibly be different about a small Kansas town?

What if… what if it was…
(the light goes on)
I know! What if it was caught up in the middle of a nuclear war?

Hmmm. Take a bit of rewriting.

Not much. A couple of special effect explosions would take care of that.

What about stuff like fallout? Radioactivity?

Fallout, schmallout. This isn’t Shakespeare.

(thinks about it)

And I’ll introduce you to that blonde we saw at the restaurant.

(pulling a contract from a desk drawer)
Sign here.

It’s a shame, too… Pamela Reed is a criminally underrated actress.


One response to ““Jericho”

  1. Joe, you overlooked one additional change that was made. The prodigal son is ALSO a character with a mysterious, shadowy past. Whew, I bet that really took them a while to come up with.Actually, as much as I complain about this show I can’t stop watching it. I keep thinking that its like watching a trainwreck and I can’t look away. Oh wait… they had the trainwreck in episode three…

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