Micro Monday: “Opportunity”

Edward was telling how bad it was going to be when the phone rang. They didn’t hear at first. Talk of a government investigation, of appearing before a Senate committee, of tough new regulations on the industry, and of jail time did that to a person.

Finally Scott picked up and listened. Then he turned to the others. “Pizza’s here.”

Edward nodded. “Pay cash for it, will you? And get a receipt.”

“Too little, too late,” Scott muttered, walking out.

Edward paused, then slowly turned to the others. “All right. Everyone in favor of pinning this on Scott, signify by…”

A 100 Word Short Fiction Every Monday

Details 1 · Details 2

Got me a pint about half past four
Felt so good, went out and got me some more
Got me a quart about half past five
Boy, that was so nice didn’t know if i was dead or alive

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