Micro Monday: “When the Aliens Came”

When the aliens came, we were thrilled. We weren’t alone! We waited in anticipation to see what they would teach us.

From the start they asked to meet certain people, like Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, the new American Idol. The celebs were happy to oblige, but it soon became evident that this was all the aliens wanted.

In the end they left, taking Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey with them. In return, they gave us these things that let you travel five minutes into the future. Some say we got screwed, but I disagree because they haven’t been back since.

A 100 Word Short Fiction Every Monday

Details 1 · Details 2

And through a highball glass
Yeah, I could see inside your fear
Oh, you never knew it then
But the feeling was so clear

(via iTunes shuffle play)


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