Manuscript Page Math

A Father Christmas
Act Two, Scene One
Pages: ???
Current Total: 108

I still haven’t figured out the page numbering. Yesterday I ended with 110 in the manuscript after adding three pages, which means six pages were unaccounted for. I thought I’d forgotten to enter a day’s worth of work. Today it looked like the manuscript ended on page 105. I cut a few short lines while inserting material from the lost outline in order to make room, but I’d be hard pressed to say it was more than a page’s worth. I added about two pages of insert material, than made my way to the end of the manuscript and started writing, leaning heavily on the Lost Notes. And I know I wrote three pages starting from where I left off, because I could scroll back through and count back to my starting point. This gives me the following mathematical progression over the last two days:

101 + 3 = 110 – 1 + 2 + 3 = 108

Forget it. I don’t want to know.

All that matters is that I’ve made my way through the manuscript and inserted the Lost Notes that matter, and I’m on my way to finishing the play. I’m thinking it will end somewhere around page 150, which would indicate a running time of 2 1/2 hours. Long for this kind of play, maybe, but this is one of those where pacing is everything, and I could see it coming in at 2 hours, no problem.

But I’ll drive off of that bridge when I come to it. I have yet to edit. And then hear the play when I workshop it, probably next spring or summer. And when I start staging it, there will no doubt be changes then, too.

And to think – I have pirates to thank for all of this.

If they dare touch a hair on your head
I’ll fight to the last breath
For the good life is out there somewhere
So stay on my arm, you little charmer
But I know my luck too well
Yes, I know my luck too well
And I’ll probably never see you again

(via iTunes shuffle play)


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