The Terrible Misfortune
Episode One
Pages, 6/25/06: 4
Total Pages: 4

Slow progress, considering the time I put in on it, but the play begins with a long, hopefully funny, monologue from a hapless narrator. When writing plays, I always tend to work slower when writing monologue. And no matter what I write, when I get into dialogue, it goes quickly – perhaps the fastest writing I do outside of the tail-end of a novel, such as the last fifty pages. So most of the time tonight was spent on the first page-and-a-half, while the remainder, the introduction of hero Young Jack and his Mum, went quickly.

No writing tomorrow due to Men’s Bible Study. Perhaps Tuesday, after I get home from work late.

It was cloudy in the west, and it looked like rain
round the curve come-a passenger train
North-bound train on the south-bound track
You were all right a-leavin but he won’t be back

(via iTunes shuffle play)


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