Insert Your Own Title Here…

…because I’m too tired to insert one of my own.

Yesterday was a date day between my wife and I. We ran around and spent gift certificates we’d gotten for our 25th anniversary – managed the entire day without spending any of our own money. This included lunch at shopping at Arkon’s fabulous West Point Market and sneaking off to a matinee of Walk the Line at the local Cheap Seats theater. No words last night.

But words tonight. The plaintiff’s lawyer finished up her questions for her client, and now our protagonist’s defense attorney is taking her turn with the antagonist (if, indeed, he is actually an antagonist).

More cross-examination fun tomorrow, no doubt.

A Father Christmas
Act Two, Scene One
Pages, 3/21/06: 5
Current Total: 88

Remember the days
We’d run away
Laughing among all the fields
You looked at me
And all I could see
Were your eyes a shinin’ so real

(via iTunes shuffle play)


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