Writer’s Wives b/w You Can’t Have Thomas Kinkade Without the Kink

They provide moral support, meals, backrubs, and research. Sometimes, it is rumored, they write their husband’s novels for them. Here’s an interesting article about the wives of writers. Apparently Writer’s Husbands are immune to this sort of thing. They’re barely mentioned.

Meantime, the Thomas Kinkade rabbit hole gets deeper and weirder. A few weeks ago when I posted a satirical bit about the dark period of The Overrated Painter of Light, it started as a joke. But you know how when you learn a new word and suddenly you see it everywhere? That’s what this has turned into.

I was just joking around when I said that Kinkade went through a dark period. C’mon, the guy paints fluff. That’s like saying Don Knotts went through a dark period when he starred in nothing but Bergman films. But now, as it turns out, Kinkade may actually be in a dark period as his empire of kitsch* shows the first signs of crumbling. Here are the details, in an article from the L.A. Times.

Hey, I didn’t ask for any of this. I just made it up.

If a yellow flag is fluttering
Sickly herald against the morn
Then you’ll know my courage has ended
And you’ll send your boat ashore

(via iPod Shuffle)

*To those who say Kinkade isn’t kitsch – the man authorized La-Z-Boy Recliners covered in fabric that featured a print of one of his paintings. If that ain’t kitsch, then I don’t know what is.

(And I respect Bill Watterson more than ever – for never, ever licensing out Calvin and Hobbes products. Those peeing Calvins you see mostly on the backs of pickup trucks? Bootlegs, all.)


One response to “Writer’s Wives b/w You Can’t Have Thomas Kinkade Without the Kink

  1. As for writer’s husbands…no, unfortunately, they don’t do the writing or the research, and if they do, they get the credit. The successfully published women I know have very supportive husbands who will go so far as to watch the kids occasionally, have jobs that pay the bills (that’s a biggie), and will be an encouraging presence. The women writers who don’t make it have husbands who cut them down, resent what they do, and sabotage their work at every stage. Lucky for me, I have a supportive one. :-) It’s not a coincidence I’m multi-published.

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