Trivial. That’s Me. Yup.

For the second time I’ve been told that my name popped up during a game of NTN Trivia. This is the on-screen trivia game played in many taverns and public houses to motivate people to stay and buy one more round of drinks or hot wings. When you answer questions, you compete against other patrons at your site, and with players in bars and restaurants all over the country.

Both sightings were at Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. The first was a couple of years ago when a friend of my son’s won a plate of wings when he correctly answered the question, “This SF writer is the author of the Angel’s Luck trilogy.” I told him that he at least owed me a wing, but he hasn’t paid up yet. In his defense, he told me, “Of the four writers they named, yours was the only one I recognized.”


As recently as a couple of weeks ago, my name popped up again. A BW3 patron in Cincinnati recently scored big by answering the question “Joe Clifford Faust is the author of which popular SF novel?”, one of the choices being Precious Cargo.

Apparently, their idea of “popular” and mine differ greatly, but it’s still nice to be remembered. And at least they picked one of my favorites as the answer. But I can’t help feeling like someone in Carlsbad, CA owes me some kind of royalty for using my name to create what no doubt is a hard question…

Now I like hot wings, and I like the way that BW3 makes them. In fact, I’ve been trying to get to the one nearest me every Friday on my lunch hour. Oh, and I happen to like the trivia, too.

So if you’re the NTN writer who keeps bringing up my name, let me say that I’m flattered and I appreciate the coverage. But keep in mind that you’re invoking the name of a starving writer – emphasis on the word starving – who would happily accept a plate of hot wings as payment.

NP – iPod Shuffle (Joseph Arthur, “Buy a Bag“)


What are your thoughts?

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