Throw It Away

Just for grins I’d been thinking about doing a Jandek tribute song. See, there’s a company out there that has put out two so far, and I thought it would be a hoot to be included on the next one.

The thing is, Jandek is so out there, I doubt I could do a cover justice – and to be honest, I have to wonder about the purpose of covering Jandek like that anyway – so I thought I’d write an original tribute song. The two Summersteps compilations have originals on them, and I thought it would be fun to write a throwaway song to see if I could make it onto Volume 3 (if there is one).

Quite literally in the middle of the night I got an idea for one. And I strummed out a progression for it this morning. One of my writing prompts was to write a song without a chorus, and since this was a song about Jandek, it was the perfect opportunity to do such a thing.

But after working on the lyrics, I had a problem. Some of the words were coming out better than I thought they would for a throwaway piece. I was liking what was spilling onto the page, and I could even see myself playing it live someday (if I ever push myself that far).

Problem was, Jandek was such an obscure subject for a song…

So I threw away the throwaway. I decided that this wouldn’t be the Jandek tribute song – I’d have to come up with another one later. I’d change the words and the name of the main character and tweak things a bit, and I’d have a perfectly good song.

Sometimes you have to know what to hold and know when to throw something out. And in this case, pull something out of the pile destined for oblivion.

Listening: Golden Earring, “Tons of Time” (via iPod Shuffle)


What are your thoughts?

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