Rethinking Deadline

I have said that things were busy at work, slowing down lunch hour progress on Deadline. This was the case to begin with, but there were other issues afoot.

Deadline is a project that has a lot of personal meaning to me. There are reasons I wanted to write it now that go beyond career plans. In fact, it’s a project that doesn’t really fit in with the direction I’m going by writing Relationship Thrillers. It was also important that I get it written as quickly as possible – ergo the code name of Deadline.

Well, some things happened in the last couple of weeks that threw cold water on the project. Fortunately, they were good things – but I got the nagging feeling that it might not be necessary for me to even write Deadline now. Still, I had such a great start on the project that I kept going for a couple of days until things got busy at work.

Now things are getting back to normal and the project is sitting idle. And as of this morning, when I wrote this entry in my head, I was going to announce that Deadline was going to go on the back burner, or perhaps even join The Mushroom Shift under the pair of old bowling shoes in the closet.

Now there’s been a new development that has had a really interesting effect on things. It was something good, something even better than what caused me to slow progress on Deadline. It also made me realize something.

The heat is now back on to finish the book.

This is the kind of thing that only God can make happen. I start writing on a project because of a bad situation I see. The situation takes a positive turn, and suddenly the project looks unnecessary. Then another twist comes a long that makes things even better, and it’s time to pick up the pen again.

That I’ve agonized over it this much shows the basic fragility of the writer’s makeup. There’s an odd phenomenon about writing. I started learning guitar a couple of years ago and songs started coming out of me. But I have no plans to play a sold out show at Carnigie Hall. However, for the writer, publication is validation.

In spite of this, sometimes some of us write for something more than validation. We write to make sense of our world, or to find out how we feel about things.

And sometimes we write to make the world a little bit better place – even if it’s only for one specific person.

Man, I’ve got to get Deadline finished…

NP – iTSP (Joe Jackson, “Trying to Cry”)


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