Mirabile Dictu

Deadline continues its run. I started Chapter Two today without really knowing where it was supposed to go, and before I knew it I had 11 pages – without getting to the whole point of the chapter. Which is good in this case because the lead in took the form of character development. When the writing was done, I decided to write down a one sentence description of what happens in the next couple of chapters. I ended up doing that for the entire book.

My question is, where is it all coming from? I haven’t given this one nearly the thought that I’ve put into projects like And/News, yet it’s just rolling out of my pen (hey, maybe it’s the pen, a Pilot G-2 07, my current favorite writing implement).

Actually, I suspect there are a number of factors:

1) There hasn’t been a struggle for words because the writing is on a smaller scale; fewer pages a day for a shorter novel without all of the development it takes to write one of my “regular” novels.

2) The act of writing by hand leaves more time for the subconscious to work on problems, so there’s not as much “down time,” whereas on a computer I can go so fast that I write until I run out of ideas.

3) Ditto this for only writing for 60 or so minutes a day. I am constrained by time, but it’s an advantage, because when I have to quit, I usually know where I am going the next day.

4) Believe it or not, there are less interruptions during my lunchtime scribblings than there are at home. It’s always a scramble here to find time to work on And/News. At work I can practically guarantee myself an hour.

Whatever the reason, it’s certainly an interesting experiment. But I really, really, really need to get the rough draft of And/News finished, too.

Well. I will. Like every other book I’ve written, it’s just a matter of timing.

Today’s Scorecard
Deadline – Chapter Two
47 pages (+11)
5264 words (+1332)*

NP – iTSP (Garbage, “Stupid Girl)


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