Deadline Redux

As lousy as I felt dragging myself out of bed this morning, I should have just stayed up late and finished the chapter. As it was, I spent 10 to 15 minutes adding notes to the Reconciled Outline this morning. I thought about calling off sick so I could finish the chapter, and maybe the one after that, but common sense won out, as it always does. Besides, I’ve been saving a day off for the End of Book Marathon, whatever day that will fall on (I’m hoping a Friday or Monday – that could probably be arranged.)

Also, there’s a fresh white legal pad sitting next to me on the desk. And the recurring thought is, get out a pen and start Deadline. When last I discussed this project, it was just a notion. All I had was the plot, with no opening or closing scene and no title. Now I have everything but the title – I have a couple of those.

It would be the perfect book to write by hand because it would be a relatively short project – only about 50,000 words or so. Miniscule by my standards. Usually I’m just getting warmed up by that point in a regular novel. And there’s something about the plot that begs for the intimacy of writing it out in longhand.

Does that sound strange or what?

It’s almost like the planets are aligning for me to do this now. When I blogged yesterday about the urge to hand write a book, I was thinking of a different project. But this morning it struck me that Deadline is the right project for this. The opening line of the book even came into my head. It’s so right that it’s perfect. I can’t stand it.

This makes me grateful to have Cindy’s blog A Writer’s Diary to read. She’s going through the same kind of creative dithering I am right now, so it makes me feel more normal.

As normal as a writer can get, anyway…


What are your thoughts?

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