Thursday or Friday?

The evening threatened to fritter away, but I knew I was close to the end of the chapter and decided to push to finish it. I had notes to get me there, too, although it was only about 35 or 40 words worth. It was enough to get me through nine pages of copy.

Let’s see, at a ratio of 40 words to 9 pages, given the word count of what remains in the reconciled outline… well, that means I only have another 1323 pages to go. The word count on my notes for chapter seventeen alone is almost 1200 words, which means the chapter should run… 270 pages?

I don’t think so.

Getting toward the end of things like this, I have a lot of material written into the outline that are actual bits of scenes and lines of dialogue. So much of which is already there will be directly transferred into the text of the novel with a bit of tweaking to make a smooth transition.

Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t outline before I start writing.

Well, it’s late enough now that this is going to show up as a Friday entry. That’s just as well. There will probably no official Friday entry because tomorrow night (tonight) we’re going to see a Shakespeare play with my wife’s colleague and her husband.

Maybe I can start Seventeen on Saturday, schedule permitting.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter Sixteen (Finished)
545 Pages (+9)
119,567 Words (+1827)

NP – iTSP (Jean Michel Jarre, “Oxygene 8”)


What are your thoughts?

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