Opening Night

Opening night went off more or less without a hitch. The worst thing that happened is that the leading man (Frank Butler), who makes his first entrance from the back of the stage, got locked out of the auditorium and had to be let in by the actor who plays Charlie.

I received what I thought was a nice compliment after the show. One man came up to me and said he thought I did a good job, and then said “That’s a hard part to play with dignity.” That made me really happy because that was one of my goals in playing Sitting Bull, to make sure that I didn’t play him as some kind of caricature.

This is being during a short break in the middle of one of those non-stop days. We just got back from a matinee performance at the Carousel Dinner Theater of Always, Patsy Cline. It was a great show, and prompted some thoughts that I’ll have to record later. Entertaining for sure, and it really made me think about the nature of talent and creativity.

On the way to the second night of AGYG in just over an hour. Must go.


What are your thoughts?

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