Trouble at the Indian Dance

Rehearsal was going well until the Indian Dance scene, where Annie is made into a member of the Sioux tribe. My job is to go off stage, put on a cloak and ceremonial headdress, get war paint streaked across my face, and walk back out on stage in time to take a ceremonial pipe from my wife (who sings a brief solo).

So during the ceremony, I notice a curious burning sensation on my face that corresponds to where the war paint is. At that moment I realize that I am allergic to the colored makeup that was adorning my face. An interesting situation, since I was already wearing several layers of makeup to become Lakota colored. This is the first time that makeup bothered me like that.

So I made it through the end of the scene, and at the end of the act, I hotfooted it downstairs to get the stuff washed off of my face. And just so I know I didn’t imagine the whole thing, my daughter had a similar reaction to the same makeup.

Tomorrow night we try a more traditional form of makeup to be war paint for Sitting Bull and his papoose.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t become a clown.

NP – Ben Folds – The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner


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