Slow Rehearsal

Still no return e-mail to my agent… or to a handful of people I owe e-mails to (if you’re waiting… it’ll be another day or two yet).

Tonight: Annie Get Your Gun rehearsal. It was a music rehearsal, the kind where everyone is learning songs and half an evening is spent breaking people into parts, learning them, then putting it all together.

The good news: I wasn’t needed for two of the three songs. So I sat in the back of the theater with the Powerbook and banged out five pages between being needed onstage.

Good thing there weren’t many other interruptions. I was writing a scene about a pagan ceremony that involves nudity, and the last thing I wanted was a kid coming up and going “He wrote the word NAKED!”

(Actually, my daughter did this to me the other day, but in fun – also, it was at home, not in a public place.)

End result: dead tired from the holidays and being busy at work and rehearsal but pleased about the word count.

Today’s Scorecard:
Chapter 11
343 pages (+5)
76525 words (+1168)


What are your thoughts?

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