Author Preferred

There’s movement on the eBook front for the Author’s Preferred Version of the Pembroke Hall books. An e-mail from my agent stated that he didn’t think that Palm Digital Media would have a problem with such a value added title, and he wants me to write up something for it that he can pass on to the powers that be.

Meantime, he forwarded another piece to me that was a reply he got from the good folks at the Science Fiction Book Club. He wanted to see if there was any problem in using the SFBC title (Handling It: How I Got Rich and Famous, Made Media Stars Out of Common Street Scum and Almost Got the Girl) for the eEdition of the book. They said there wasn’t, and even wished the project well.

So now I have a professional sounding e-mail to get out in addition to the web page update. Don’t think the web update will be online by 12:01am tomorrow like I wanted. Oh, well.

But hey, it’s still a great way to end the writing year.

Not much writing in tonight’s future: party at Randy’s. I am taking the guitar, though. If I have to haul out some of my songs, those involved may wish they belonged to a drinking family…

A safe and happy New Year to you all!


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