Interruptable Writing

Tonight was a big rehearsal for Annie Get Your Gun. We were beginning the blocking for Act I, which is always a slow process, so I took the Powerbook from work with me, And/News loaded into it.

As a result, I got a good start on chapter 11. And considering the interruptions and the fact that I was typing on an unfamiliar keyboard (I have ergonomic ones both here at home and plugged into the notebook at work), I am quite happy with the progress I made tonight.

I have my children to thank for my ability to keep writing in the face of interruptions. I never wanted my kids to remember me as the kind of father who never had time for them because he was too busy working on his novels. So I kept the door to my office open and dealt with the interruptions as they happened. In return I was gifted with being able to jump right back into writing after an interruption… even if the interruption was an extended period of time.

The most interesting manifestation of this was an appearance I did at a Media Play store some years ago. They were having an author’s day, and wanted writers to come in and do various kinds of presentations for customers. I took a notebook computer and a monitor and sat at a table. I plugged the monitor in and pointed it out so people could see what I was writing in realtime. People would walk by, watch the screen for a bit, ask questions and move on. If I recall, I wrote about 10 pages between all of the questions.

I know that not everyone can write that way. But it’s nice to know that I can, so I can use the ability to steal some time back and write during off moments like I did tonight.

Today’s Scorecard
Chapter 11
338 pages (+5)
75357 words (+1149)


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