Performance Art Eat

The holidays continue, but this interruption was worth it. I spent the evening painting Christmas cookies with my wife and daughter. We haven’t done a lot of that… our big painting project is usually doing Easter Eggs. But I carried my tradition of doing oddball artistic things with the eggs over to the cookies (for example, I painted one Santa figure in Superman colors, complete with the red “S” and painted a reindeer to look like Madonna… don’t ask). I figure it’s as close to performance art as I’ll ever get; the cookie or egg gets looked at for a short time and then is eaten.

My wife has a whole theory about cooking as performance art, by the way, and she is a real artist in this area. She’s great at improvising recipes and she never writes anything down. Sometimes she recreates a recipe, but many times it’s, “Enjoy this, it’s the only time you’ll ever get it.”

I got my Russian contract for the PH novels notarized and mailed off from work, and came home to find a package from my agent. This contained my three author’s copies of the Russian translation of Desperate Measures. They’re hardcovers that are bigger than our paperbacks, but are a little smaller than trade paperbacks.

The foreign language versions of my books fascinate me. The Japanese translations looked properly foreign, but this Cyrillic alphabet is a strange thing. It looks as though I ought to be able to read it… but I can’t. What is really interesting is that I am familiar enough with the books that I could pick out some character names and figure out what sounds some of the Cyrillic characters made. For example, what looks like BOHH is the character name Vonn.

Okay, maybe I spent more time than I should have looking at the pages of this thing instead of writing. Permit me this day that weakness. The novelty will wear off soon, or at least until something I’ve written is picked up in yet another language. Or the next Russian edition comes in.

Meantime, tomorrow I’ll scan and upload the cover so it can be seen through the Desperate Measures page of the main site.


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