The Uncle Peej Story

Back in the headphone wearin’ groove tonight.

As promised, here’s the headphone rule: Since my writing desk is now down in a room with my wife’s desk and my daughter’s desk, and since this room opens into the TV room on one side and the dining room on another, I devised a system to let my family know I’m writing. If I’m at the computer wearing headphones, one should think twice about interrupting me. Notice I said think twice, not don’t interrupt. I never wanted to be the kind of husband/father who shut my family out just so I could write my books. Maybe it’s cost me in the book department, but I’ve made up for it in the wife & kids department.

Tonight there was a certain point I wanted to reach. This is still the chapter that is dialogue based, and I want the confrontation to reach a fevered pitch before bringing in another character. I really wanted to get through the fever pitch part tonight, but I kept adding stuff as I went along, and it was taking me longer to get there than I thought. But that’s okay, it shows that everything is flowing and growing organically. So I didn’t quite make it to fever pitch tonight, but I’m thinking tomorrow I will.

Earlier this evening, while trying to waste an hour waiting for one-hour photos, I went into a Waldenbooks looking for something to read. I wanted something funny and almost settled on a Nick Hornby novel, but discovered that The CEO of the Sofa by P.J. O’Rourke was available in a trade edition. Since O’Rourke is (IMO) the funniest man alive, this book was my choice. I also have a P.J. O’Rourke story: I have talked with his wife. When Bantam was putting out the Pembroke Hall novels, they asked me who I thought should get copies for blurbs, and he was on my short list. They got the query to him, but he was in the middle of running off to write a piece on a hot spot somewhere. So he had his wife call me to apologize and explain the situation. I thought that was nice of him to do that – I mean, he could have blown me off by simply ignoring me, like some of the other names on the list – but didn’t. I wonder if this means he owes me one…

Today’s Scorecard:

Chapter: 8
Page: 238 (+6)
Words: 56111 (+1461)

NP – Moby, 18


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