Packing it In

Sometimes when the black dog of despair comes for a visit, you still have to sit down and work.

It wasn’t anything major. I got some news I would have rather not have had. In the long run, it won’t mean a thing, I know. But it was certainly a day-ruiner.

The ironic thing is, I was really looking forward to today’s writing session. Today’s work was going into an action sequence. But what a way to go into it – working on a scene that had to be high octane and hitting on all eight cylinders when my mental state was closer to a four cylinder in need of a tuneup.

It seems like I wrote forever. There were interruptions. I wrote forever some more. And when I stopped, I had one page done. Then I slogged through another couple of pages this way.

I thought, do I really want to go into an important action scene this way?

So I decided to pack it in. Three pages, better than nothing. Although the deletion of some outline notes makes the word count look unimpressive. That’s why I usually just count pages instead of words.

Today’s Scorecard:

Chapter: 7
Page: 203 (+3)
Words: 47886 (+585)

PS: As happens many times with research, I ended up not using the information about the WalMart in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Oh, well.

NP – Eels, Electro-shock Blues

I was going to listen to something angry, but this album seemed more appropriate.


What are your thoughts?

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