A Rethink

I probably would have gotten more writing done, but I was pretty toasted from work today. And when I got ready to start writing tonight, I went through my working outline to make sure all of my research and cogitating would fit in with where I wanted to take things.

Everything pretty much meshed together, except when my fingers touched the keys, I realized that I didn’t want to begin Chapter Seven the way I had planned. So I thought about it briefly and then it came to me.

So Chapter Seven of And/News begins with a double entendre that sets the scene and hopefully grabs attention. It could be a cheap trick, but technically it isn’t this time since I’ve never used this trick before. (It is said that Voltaire once visited a highly specialized brothel and enjoyed the offerings therein. On his way out the next morning, the Madame bade him to return, to which he replied, “Oh, no ma’am. Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.”)

There’s nothing shabby about five pages. That’s my usual rate.

Today’s scorecard:

Chapter: 7
Page: 190 (+5)
Words: 44,982 (+1237)

NP – Stan Ridgway, Holiday in Dirt


What are your thoughts?

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